Alexandra Dhow Cruise

About Alexandra Dhow Cruise Alexandra Dhow Cruise a Dubai based cruise service that offers international buffet and live entertainment on board in Dubai Marina, Dubai’s premium water canal. Why Alexandra Dhow Cruise Wanted A Website? Attracting global audience and tourists from all across the world was the reason behind the Alexandra Dhow Cruise website. They ...Read more


About Arenus Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, Arenus is an all-herbal pain-relieving lotion and liniment range aimed towards helping horses and dogs recover after a strenuous training session. Why Arenus Wanted A Website? This non-profit group’s mission is to protect and improve the health of animals throughout the country while providing regulations for animal supplement ...Read more

Astonlee Veterinary Hospital

About Astonlee Veterinary Hospital Astonlee Veterinary Hospital is Buckinghamshire, UK based veterinary hospital specializing in dogs, cats and rabbits. Why Astonlee Veterinary Hospital Wanted A Website? Astonlee Veterinary Hospital wanted to make it easy for pet owners to book appointments. What We Understood Astonlee Veterinary Hospital needed a content-rich website that also facilitates online appointment ...Read more


About AZHPA AZHPA is Arizona Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association. This is the Club website where users will be able to purchase membership plans to become a member of the club. We have implemented membership functionality into the website. Why AZHPA Wanted A Website? AZHPA wanted to make registration easy, fast and feasible from anywhere. ...Read more

Bold Red GoLive

About Bold Red GoLive GoLive is a live streaming service offered by Bold Red Interactive, a Tampa based video marketing company. Why Bold Red GoLive Wanted A Website? Focusing on the different needs of different clients, Bold Red wanted a website that offers a unique Live Streaming solution for everyone. What We Understood Bold Red ...Read more

Career Tuners

About Career Tuners Career Tuners is a California based company that helps professionals land their dream jobs by providing them the right resume and an impeccable LinkedIn profile. CareerTuners is a team of skilled professionals from various industries, specializing in providing resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles to help people achieve their career goals. Why Career ...Read more

Vega Global Developing

About Vega Global Developing Based in the Dominican Republic, Vega Global Developing is a real estate company. Vega Global Developing provides services to individuals and companies for sale, purchase and renting of real estate or investment activities throughout the country. Why Vega Global Developing Wanted A Website? Vega Global Developing wanted to increase their outreach ...Read more


About Clickimprimerie Clickimprimerie is a Montreal, Canada based high quality digital and offset printing company that makes custom prints for members. Clickimprimerie has forged a solid reputation in the world of offset and digital printing with companies, community & non-profit organizations, associations, and individuals. Why Clickimprimerie Wanted A Website? Clickimprimerie focuses on transforming the world ...Read more

Pizzaovens: Pizza Ovens and Equipment Exchange Platform

About Pizzaovens Pizzaovens is a California-based pizza ovens and equipment exchange company with business spanning across the USA, UK, and a wide part of Europe. The company is an eCommerce platform that deals in sales and maintenance of all types of pizza ovens and pizza equipment. What Brought Pizzaovens to Tech Prastish They were looking ...Read more


About The Spinsterz How much does relaxation therapy cost? If you ask The Spinsterz, they’d say it starts from $27.95! That’s how contact juggling uses hoops, poi balls, and flow fans as mindful meditation equipment. Meditation in motion, we’re glad our paths met. Based in Bend, Oregon, The Spinsterz is a Hula Hoops and Flow ...Read more

Hampton Park Vets

About Hampton Park Vets Hampton Park Vets is a veterinary doctors website. Users can book an appointment with doctor through the website. Provides the highest level of veterinary medicine along with friendly, compassionate service. Why Hampton Park Vets Wanted A Website? Based in Hampshire, Salisbury and Downton, Hampton Park Vets wanted to make pet appointments ...Read more

INA Motors

About INA Motors INA Motors is a Victoria, British columbia based company that deals in pre-owned luxury and economic cars. Why INA Motors Wanted A Website? With an inventory of more than a hundred cars, INA Motors updates its inventory almost on a daily basis. They website will help customers find a car they want ...Read more

Jamie Hooper

About Jamie Hooper Jamie Hooper is a Greater Vancouver based realtor who launched the eponymous real estate company. Why Jamie Hooper Wanted A Website? Jamie Hooper wanted to tap the bigger portion of the real estate market and bring sellers & buyers together. What We Understood Jamie Hooper needed a website that explained their services ...Read more

Lateral Food

About Lateral Food Lateral Food Corporation Pty Ltd is an Australian family owned and operated company with over 35 years of experience in manufacturing, retailing, distributing, importing and exporting a wide range of products for the health and organic market. Why Lateral Food Wanted A Website? Lateral Food needed an informative website where they tell ...Read more

Law Office of Matthew Scott Martin, LLC

About Law Office of Matthew Scott Martin Law Office of Matthew Scott Martin, LLC is a Colorado based law firm that handles cases revolving around Criminal Defense, Civil Rights and Personal Injuries. Why Law Office of Matthew Scott Martin Wanted A Website? Law Office of Matthew Scott Martin approached us for redesigning their existing website ...Read more

Liberty Market

About Liberty Market Liberty Market is a New Zealand based ecommerce company that sells organic and completely nature derived products.. Liberty Market focuses on life improvement through ingredients available in nature. The company has a huge variety of organic food and personal care items. Liberty Market has more than 8,000 products, making it the largest ...Read more

Loewe Perfumes

Loewe Perfumes is a Madrid based ecommerce company that sells customizable fragrances and perfumes that hit different chords. The company drives essence from natural derivatives. From Eau De Cologne to Eau De Parfum, each fragrance has notes that resonate with your personality. When Jose approached us, the website needed a major design overhaul. Why Loewe ...Read more

Nantwich Pet Vets

About Nantwich Pet Vets Nantwich Pet Vets is a UK based veterinary services website. Nantwich Pet Vets is not just any other veterinary services provider. Although they offer all the routine services such as neutering, vaccination, dental care, and free nursing clinics, they also offer much more specialized treatments for pets. Why Nantwich Pet Vets ...Read more


About PoshFair Poshfair, stylized as PoshFair, is an Ottawa based couture boutique with a personal approach. For several years, the customers from different parts of the world have been ordering their wedding gowns from Poshfair. Why PoshFair Wanted A Website? PoshFair approached us to create a website that gives them a sound digital presence and ...Read more


About PurMotion PurMotion is a Fitness based website. The company offers people to learn fundamental movements rather than sports based movements like powerlifting or Olympic barbell lifting. PurMotion also supplies its own range of exercise equipment. Why PurMotion Wanted A Website? Based in Pelham, Alabama, PurMotion is a new age workout program and equipment range ...Read more

Riding Equine Vets

About Riding Equine Vets Riding Equine Vets is a Pontefract, UK based veterinary services website. Users can book online appointments with a doctor for their horses. Riding Equine Vets provides the highest level of veterinary medicine along with friendly, compassionate service. Why Riding Equine Vets Wanted A Website? Riding Equine Vets wanted to make it ...Read more

SoleMate Safety Solutions

About SoleMate Safety Solutions SoleMate is a New Zealand based workplace footwear company. It was founded by two very talented people in 2003 with a vision to provide a better solution for reducing slips and falls in the workplace as well as to improve the personal comfort of hospitality, health care, and service industry workers ...Read more

Studio Lifestyle

About Studio Lifestyle Studio Lifestyle, stylized as Studio Life/Style is a multifaceted commercial and residential design firm located in West Hollywood, CA. Why Studio Lifestyle Wanted A Website? Studio Lifestyle approached us to create certain pages for their website with Shopify to enable online selling. What We Understood Studio Lifestyle needed a two web pages ...Read more

Technically Creative

About Technically Creative Technically Creative is an IT services provider specializing in electronic communication surveillance, data loss prevention, and automating the surveillance process. The company specializes in data conversion, data integration/solution integration, identity management and incident workflows as well as enhancing existing solutions to meet regulatory obligations. Why Technically Creative Wanted A Website? Being in ...Read more

Tek-Connect Inc.

About Tek-Connect Tek-Connect is a California based app development company. When Roger from Tek-Connect approached us, he told us the vision and working of the company. Roger felt the website lacked some functionality, and wanted an expert opinion with suggested solution. Why Tek-Connect Approached Tech Prastish? Tek-Connect’s existing website lacked some important functionality elements. The ...Read more

The Brickell

About The Brickell The Brickell is a brainchild of Varun Hemraj, an Engineer turned Real Estate Advisor who decided to rely on the power of artificial intelligence to fetch the best results for the interested parties. Why The Brickell Wanted A Website? The concept behind The Brickell is to leverage upon AI and disrupt the ...Read more


About Veloangle Veloangle is a hi-tech bicycle setting and fitting solution that helps cyclists document and transfer bike fits accurately, easily and quickly. Why Veloangle Wanted A Website? Veloangle is a major breakthrough in terms of bicycle replication for professional cyclists. Brand awareness and quality leads were the primary goals behind the website. What We ...Read more

Verified Supply

Verified Supply uses a patent-pending technology that streamlines the entire procurement process for industrial and wholesale products and services. What used to take days and weeks can be done literally in minutes. Why Verified Supply Approached Tech Prastish? Launching a B2B marketplace revolving around industrial equipment requires a software development company that has a proven ...Read more


About Videlligence Videlligence is an artificial intelligence powered online converter that allows users to convert their product pages into stunning animated videos and readymade templates. Why Videlligence Wanted A Website? Since Videlligence is an online converter, it had to be on a website, there’s no other way. What We Understood Videlligence needed a simple website ...Read more


About Wisecrack Wisecrack, inc. is a US-American film and video production company operated by Jacob Salamon, Jared Bauer, Greg Edwards, Drew Levin, and Todd Mendeloff. Why Wisecrack Wanted A Website? Wisecrack wanted to make a distinguished presence in the market while showcasing their services in an interesting way. What We Understood Wisecrack needed a unique ...Read more

2 Wicked Tees

About 2 Wicked Tees 2 Wicked Tees is an online apparel store that sells crazy, wicked and funny t-shirts. Why 2 Wicked Tees Wanted A Website? 2 Wicked Tees needed a fully-functional ecommerce website with a design theme that resonates with the merchandise they were planning to sell. They were looking for an ecommerce development ...Read more

Get Luxe: Tourism Application

About Get Luxe Get Luxe is an Australia based travel company that offers holiday deals and discounts on various travel packages. To retain its exclusivity, the company follows a members-only policy. Customers need to register with the company to avail deals and discount vouchers. The company offers unbeatable value holidays and many other bonuses. Why ...Read more

GDPR Consulting App

About GDPRotech GDPRotech is a mobile app launched by Data Protech, a US based IT Services company established in 1989. GDPRotech, as the name suggests, is a GDPR assistance app that helps businesses know whether they need to comply with the European Union’s new data regulation policies. The mobile app does so in the form ...Read more


About Lyghtly Lyghtly is a dating portal that leverages upon reverse engineering to help like-minded people find each other. What Brought Lyghtly to Tech Prastish Lyghtly wanted to launch a 360° dating solution. In simple words, they wanted both a website and a mobile app (for both iOS and Android). Lyghtly was looking for a ...Read more

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